Reward for memorizing Qur’aan

Reward for memorizing Qur’aan

Praise be to Allah.
Whoever memorizes Qur’aan and acts upon it, Allah will reward him and honour him greatly for that, so that he will rise in status in Paradise to a level commensurate with what he memorized of the Book of Allah.


Al-Tirmidhi (2914) and Abu Dawood (1464) narrated from ‘Abd-Allah ibn ‘Amr that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “It will be said to the companion of the Qur’aan: Recite and rise in status, recite as you used to recite in the world, for your status will be at the last verse that you recite.” This hadeeth was classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in al-Silsilah al-Saheehah,
5/218, no. 2240, after which he said:

Note that what is meant by the “companion of the Qur’aan” is the one who memorizes it by heart, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “The one who knows more Qur’aan should lead the people in prayer,” meaning the one who has memorized the most. The differentiation in status in Paradise will depend on how much was memorized in this world, not how much one will recite on that day as some people imagine. This clearly points to the virtue of the hafiz who has memorized the Qur’aan, but that is subject to the condition that he memorizes it for the sake of Allah, not for worldly purposes or financial gain. Otherwise the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Most of the hypocrites of my ummah are among those who have memorized Qur’aan.”

Concerning the virtue of the hafiz who memorizes the Qur’aan, al-Bukhari (4937) narrated from ‘Aa’ishah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The likeness of the one who reads Qur’aan and memorizes it is that he is with the righteous honourable scribes. The likeness of the one who reads it and tries hard to memorize it even though it is difficult for him, he will have two rewards.”

For the hafiz who has memorized the Qur’aan, praying qiyaam al-layl is easy. And the Qur’aan will intercede for him on the Day of Resurrection, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Fasting and the Qur’aan will intercede for a person on the Day of Resurrection. Fasting will say, ‘O Lord, I deprived him of food and desires during the day, so let me intercede for him.’ The Qur’aan will say, ‘O Lord I deprived him of his sleep at night, so let me intercede for him.’ Then they will both intercede for him.” Narrated by Ahmad, al-Tabaraani and al-Haakim; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, no. 3882

And Allah knows best.

It should be noted here that there is a weak (da’eef) hadeeth that is quoted concerning the virtue of memorizing Qur’aan. This hadeeth says, “The bearer of the Qur’aan, if he regards what it permits as halaal and what it forbids as haraam, he will intercede for ten of his family members on the Day of Resurrection, all of whom deserved to enter Hell.” This was narrated by al-Bayhaqi in Shu’ab al-Eemaan (The Branches of Faith) from Jaabir; it was classed as da’eef by al-Albaani in Da’eef al-Jaami’.

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Meeting with the General Raheel Shareef

Someone’s casual meeting with RS.  This is a forward and cannot verify contents. Seems someone had a lengthy sitting with him. (Courtesy: Ch. Nasimullah).

– Tall and well built. Slimmer than what he appears on TV.
– Booming voice.RSH

– Can tell he is full of energy and is lad’s lad.

– Chatty and pleasant. Smiling most of the timing. Had a hearty laugh.

– Is a smoker. You are allowed a vice or two, he says!

– He said that he took over in November, and told the govt that wants to launch an operation in December. They didn’t want to do it. Were apprehensive about blow-  back and dilly-dallied! He agreed to wait but after two months he got impatient & especially after Khi airport incident. Then he told NS he is going ahead and launching the operation. Basically implying he didn’t care to listen to them and Just went ahead with it. He felt that they would control the blow back and not doing anything was going to be worse. And time has proved that.

– Linkages between terrorism, corruption, etc.

– Talked about the porous border and that they were going to control it (don’t recall very well what he said – check with the boys).

– They have cleaned out 880 sq Kms already & now small area left.

– 51% of troops now back. He has promised their return (check this again).

– Baldia town and Lahore massacre cases being worked on. He is keeping on eye on them and pushing for their resolution. He wants perpetrators to be brought to justice!

– More action expected over the next 6 months across the board. It seemed like he wants to conclude matters before his term expires and doesn’t want to leave it to the next guy.

– Americans promised that they would get fazllullah. They showed him all this fancy technology and screens which were amazing in Afghanistan. I told them with all this technology you couldn’t get Fazlullah after so many years!!  He clearly wants to take him out.

– What drives him is the 5k soldiers who have lost their lives and their blood.

– Govt works at their own slow pace.

– Sartaj Aziz is very old and recently in the U.N said that we have Taliban here. Of course we do. What’s new? He should have told the entire story about refugees, UN passports, inter marriages. These guys were created by us and the Americans, who invited them to the White House!

– Ch Nisar has to decide fate of Abdul Aziz and the red mosque (will this mosque continue and in what form).  He needs to figure out the end game on this issue. First Nisar said they didn’t have evidence against Abdul Aziz but now they do so he should act.

– India involvement in Pak: he is pushing to publicize their negative role but the NS govt is careful and soft towards India & wants to normalize relations do doesn’t want to advertise this too much.

– He said that they have very strong evidence against Dr Asim. Was confident about this when asked specifically.

– When asked about Altaf Hussain, he was dismissing him and his potency now. Almost as if he will become irrelevant (found this surprising). Does he know something we don’t ?

– When asked about leadership, he believes in the 3Cs (courage, competence and character). Either you have the character or not.

– Have to be persistent and constantly follow up and remind people / subordinates to get the work done.

– Moral character is important in his mind so that you do the right thing.

– Afghanistan: he has made many trips there but their national govt is weak. He is trying to take them along as we have 3mn refugees who are integrated with marriages into Pak.  Talked about Afghanistan’s importance to Pak for various reasons.

– He feels that he has a strong team posted in key positions by him. Was praising Gen Rizwan and some of his key generals.

– He said that the army is battle hardened. All battalions have gone to Waziristan 3 times in the last 10 years.

– He says that he tells NS like it is without holding back. Almost as if he couldn’t care less what he thinks. That does imply that he doesn’t rate him very highly (my impression).

– Doesn’t believe in taking cards (with notes or points of discussion) with him to meet heads of state. He even told that to NS !! (Quite hilarious) He said that he told NS that we need to talk about 5 things that most leaders are interested in: (guys please confirm these points):

1) Nuclear issues and deterrents that we have.

2) Afghanistan: we are working with them. We have told them to bury the past.

3) Local militancy is being tackled. We will not stop in our mission to eradicate them.

4) CPEC. Over 670 km of 900km road done already near Gwadar. He has raised a battalion for the security of the Chinese as they were concerned and raised this issue when he visited them.

– Reko Diq: he is working on getting this area cleaned up and all the issues surrounding it resolved so they can take sell it transparently and develop it for the good of the country.

5) India: Talks on terms agreeable to us. Kashmir is important. Will not pander to them.

– Told the British, when they talked about recent escalation with India, that we will run through India as we are a battle hardened army. We are fighting against an enemy who plays football with the heads of our soldiers. He had a big hearty laugh after that!

– 16k intelligence based operations carried out by them yielding only 250 hardcore terrorists. It’s not easy he says.

– He said that he goes to Karachi and we agree on things in meetings on security and make decisions and then the govt screws up after he leaves with something else. And it’s frustrating.

– Was praising IK and how he has built awareness in the masses. He means well. He is a good balancing factor.  It’s unfortunate that he has had personal problems.

– He knows how powerful he is and didn’t hide it! He said that in the dharna, he could have just given one signal and it was over. But he wanted the system to continue and get stronger.

– Bullish about Gwadar and its development. Has one of his best generals (previous DGMO I think) posted in Baluchistan to sort out their issues.

–  He says he tells it like it is to the govt and NS. They didn’t like it when he said in a speech that governance is a big issue. He said everyone knows it’s an issue, everyone talks about it, yet the govt doesn’t like it coming from me.

You can google it and it will tell you governance is an issue in Pak. I told them to stuff it and improve themselves.

– He was concerned about Daesh’s presence in Pak. He wants to flush them out in the next 6 months! Optimism and urgency in his voice.

– The Australian govt asked him about ISIS. 200 people left for Syria from Australia. He said to them that they should hope they don’t come back and that they die fighting. If they come back to Australia, they should flush them out (I think that is what he said ?)

– Saudi alliance: Pak has a lead role because of our battle hardened and strong army. It’s an alliance for counter-terrorism and for counter-insurgency across the region only.

– We aren’t going to fight in Syria or elsewhere in a war situation. He brushed that off very confidently.

– We mentioned that he should stay a few times as we haven’t had a leader like him. He repeatedly laughed it off. Didn’t dismiss the idea. But I’m not sure what to think about this.

– In summary, he talked about issues facing the country like governance, terrorism, politics, corruption, foreign policy, CPEC, economics, etc etc. And his involvement (direct and implied) in some of these areas.

– This dude is doing more than his COAS Job Description and I can’t imagine the political govt of the day is liking this very much!!  He is also very well aware of the power of his office!  It seems to me that what’s guiding him is doing the right thing for the country and if that means stepping out of his domain on to someone else’s turf then so be it !


Farhan Aslam Investigative Report


This is the short version of how in a mere 15 years small street thugs running gambling dens became leaders of a country running narcotics, underworld and smuggling empires, untouched by everyone.

PART – 1:                    THE BEGINNING

After that Nawaz Sharif had completed his education, in the 3rd division in B.A from Govt College, Lahore as he got admission in Govt College Lahore, on recommendations  (sifarish), and he used to be called in the class as “Kuggoo”, because he was a dullard and never participated in the class discussions / activities nor replied to any question he has ever asked by the lecturer, told by his class mates.
His father Mian Muhammad Sharif started him in the business. However, this proved a disaster. As a second option Mian Muhammad Sharif set him up with Pakistani actor Saeed Khan Rangeela to get him into acting (something which Nawaz Sharif wanted). A few days later Saeed Khan Rangeela sent his regrets to Mian Muhammad Sharif saying that his son was too dumb for acting and movie industry. Mian Muhammad Sharif then hired cricket coaches to train his son for cricket, but his physical fitness was too low for the sport. It is rumored that by mid-day on his first day at training Nawaz Sharif threw the bat down and left the stadium.
As a last resort he paid General Ghulam Jilani Khan a considerable sum of money to introduce Nawaz Sharif to General Zia-ul-Haq recommending him for a political post, who in turn made Nawaz Sharif the Finance Minister of Punjab.
(Gen. Gilani was not offered money, in fact he had been presented a ‘White Palace’ made on a 4-kanal corner plot in Lahore Cant and it was worth Rs. 4 crores then. It was just beautiful with Victorian style round porch with a running fountain in the center. But Mian Sharif, being business man, recovered many ‘4 crores’ out of the son’s post of Finance Minister of Punjab, and it was sure that Nawaz Sharif would not be able to write his designation with correct spellings.


However, this was the day when the street thugs of Mohni Road had stepped on to becoming the national thugs of Pakistan.
The day Nawaz Sharif had become Finance Minister, the entire family’s earnings were few million rupees and had only one re-rolling mill. From there they went on to: Ittefaq Sugar Mills was set up in 1982, Brothers steel in 1983, Brother’s Textile Mills in 1986, Brothers Sugar Mills Ltd in 1986, Ittefaq Textile units in 2-3 in 1987, Khalid Siraj Textile Mills in 1988, Ramzan Buksh Textiles in 1987, Farooq Barkat (pvt) Ltd in 1985. (All on loans from the government as Ziaul Haq used to approve all of his loans requests and also request of writing off loans. That is why when PPP Govt.took-over and the written off loans were calculated by the first Public Accounts Committee, there were two persons at the top i.e. Choudhy brothers, 22 billions, and Mian Sharif 21 billion, all written off by Ziaul Haq. It is still on record in PAC Report of 1989.)
By the time of Zia ul Haq’s fateful plane crashed, Mian Muhammad Sharif’s family was earning a net profit of US$ 3 million, up from a few million rupees. By the end of the decade their net assets were worth more than 6 billion rupees, according to their own admission, nearly US$ 350 million at the time. But this turned out to be small-change when Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister.
When Nawaz Sharif became prime minister, the group took a decision to secure project loans from the foreign banks and only working capital was taken from the nationalized commercial banks. The project financing from foreign banks was ostensibly secured against the foreign currency deposits, a number of which were held in benamee accounts, as repeatedly claimed by Interior Minister Naseer Ullah Babar at his press conferences. In 1992 Salman Taseer released an account of Nawaz Sharif’s corruption stating that the family had taken loans of up to 12 billion rupees, which were never paid back. On March 2, 1994, Khalid Siraj, a cousin of Nawaz Sharif claimed that the assets of the seven brothers were valued at Rs 21 billion.
These were the accounts of profits and companies which were openly known to public. However, the family kept their side business going all the while – the gambling dens and heroin control in Lahore – and along with their industry the side business also mushroomed.
During the Afghan-Soviet War Nawaz Sharif’s cousin and brother-in-law, Sohail Zia Butt started working under the drug baron Mirza Iqbal Beg, then Pakistan’s second biggest drug lord after Ayub Afridi. Mian Muhammad Sharif and his sons had a permanent share in his gambling and heroin business. In 1990 Suhail Butt won a seat on the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad ticket in the Punjab Assembly. It was through Sohail Butt’s association that Nawaz Sharif became a close associate of Mirza Iqbal Beg. It was through him that Nawaz Sharif became benami owner of many of the privatized government entities, such as Muslim Commercial Bank. Sohail Zia Butt other than getting involved in the drug business made billions in the co-operative societies’ collapse, mainly through the National Industrial Credit and Finance Corporation. It was Nawaz Sharif’s share in his cousin’s drug business which he used to buy off the generals thereby delaying the inevitable dismissal of his government.
In 1995 when Mirza Iqbal Beg was imprisoned, Sohail Zia Butt took over his drug empire. It was at this time that he became one of the biggest drug and crime bosses in Pakistan and was nicknamed the “King of Heera Mandi” and at one time all six underworld gangs of Lahore were working under him.
By 1995 family’s declared annual profits from industrial units had increased 1500% from US$ 30 million to staggering US$ 400 million.


PART – 2:                    THE CONTINUATION

The following is an excellent excerpt exposing some of the corruption conducted by Nawaz Sharif by the host of DM Digital, Farhan Aslam, who also used to work for ARY Digital a few years ago.
The report has been divided into six segments. I will offer a short summary of the discussion, followed by the clips themselves.
Nawaz Sharif’s only agenda was to make money.  In order to achieve this goal, he formed/changed laws and policies for his personal benefit and expanded his business empire by misusing his authority as Prime Minister. Interestingly enough and ironically, the PPP played a major role in exposing the corruption of Nawaz Sharif and his family. The Jamaat-e-Islami had also leveled a number of corruption allegations upon Nawaz Sharif. As we know, later Sharif and his cronies also played a role in exposing the corruption of Benazir Bhutto and her PPP. In other words, both Sharif and Bhutto have been busy over the years actively accusing each other of committing corruption.
Nawaz Sharif is widely acknowledged to be a highly incompetent person, with a low mediocre IQ. level. The brain behind him was that of his late “Abba Jee” (‘daddy’) – the mastermind and the main decision maker behind the scene.
In order to consolidate and attain more power, Nawaz Sharif attacked every individual and institutions he felt could get in the way challenge his authority. In order to get rid of the then Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, who was despised by Sharif, the later created divisions among the judges to make life difficult for the Chief Justice. A group of judges refused to acknowledge Shah as the Chief Justice and things got so bad that a number of junior judges put hurdles in the way of the Chief Justice in order to make it difficult for him to carry out his duties. Eventually, Sharif ordered his thugs to attack the Supreme Court in order to prevent the Chief Justice from giving a ruling against him.
The police did nothing to stop Sharif’s thugs as they attacked and entered the Supreme Court. The judges inside the building barely managed to escape. The thugs, led by Sajjad Naseem and Mushtaq Tahir, Nawaz Sharif’s political secretaries, entered the court chanting anti-Sajjad slogans and destroyed the furniture.
Next, consider Nawaz Sharif’s relationship with the press and media. Two examples will suffice. On 8th May 1999, Najam Sethi, a prominent journalist of Pakistan, was arrested by the police on the orders of Sharif. Sethi has committed the crime of annoying Nawaz Sharif by writing a critical essay against him. The police broke into Sethi’s house at around 2 am and beat him up in his bedroom in front of his wife, after which he was transported off to a secret location. The police trashed Sethi’s house, broke the furniture and beat him up quite bad. Sethi was only released after a lot of international pressure had built up against Sharif. Sharif also demanded the Jang Group to get rid of all the journalists who were critical of him. To achieve this goal, Sharif and his cronies used a variety of legal and illegal means to pressure the Jang Group into compliance.

There is probably no institution in Pakistan which Nawaz Sharif did not aggressively confront in order make them comply to his wishes. Besides picking on a fight with the President, the Judiciary and the already restricted/limited media, Sharif also decided to have a confrontation with the army, the only viable institution left in Pakistan. Chief of Army Staff, General Jehangir Karamat, and Nawaz Sharif had a conflict over an issue pertaining to the national security council and both entered into a heated discussion, after which Gen. Karamat had to offer his resignation. Jehangir Karamat thus became the first Chief of Army Staff in the history of Pakistan to have left the army in this prematurely in this manner.

One by one all challenges and potential obstacles were removed from the way by Nawaz Sharif. Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Farooq Leghari, Sajjad Ali Shah, and Jehangir Karamat, as well as others, were all removed from the scene by Sharif.

After the removal of Jehangir Karamat, Sharif appointed Pervaiz Musharraf as the Chief of Army Staff. Some analysts at the time said that Sharif made this decision thinking that Pervaiz Musharraf was an Urdu speaker and did not belong to a Punjabi army family, thus very unlikely to be a threat to Sharif.
Things became sour between Sharif and Musharraf during the Kargil episode. Later, once a relative of Sharif was removed from the army by Musharraf, that was the final nail in the coffin. Sharif then decided to take his revenge and replace Gen. Musharraf with a fellow of his liking who would be controllable (the head of the ISI at the time).
Farhan Aslam also comments upon the ill-advised economic decisions of Sharif which made Pakistan’s situation from bad to worse. Moreover, he comments upon the Sharif family’s personal business empire and how it grew exponentially through questionable means. And business empire of Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar is flourishing and sky is the limit where poor son in law Ali Dar son of Ishaq dar built his business small world after getting qarz e husna of 40 crore rupees from his father Ishaq Dar.



شریف خاندان نے پاکستان کس طرح لوٹا

اقتباس کتاب شریف خاندان نے پاکستان کس طرح لوٹا

رائیونڈ محل کی کہانی 


لاہور میں موجود نواز شریف کی رہائش گاہ کو رائیونڈ محل کہا جاتا ہے۔ یہ نواز شریف کی والدہ کے نام پر ہے۔

رائونڈ محل کا احاطہ 1700 ایکڑ یا 13600 کنال ہے (ملحقہ خریدی گئی زمین بھی شامل کی جائے تو 25000 ہزار کنال سے زائد )۔ یہاں جانے کے لیے ایک خصوصی گیٹ بنایا گیا ہے جس پر نواز شریف کی والدہ بیگم شمیم شریف اور بیٹی مریم نواز کے نام بڑے بڑے حروف میں کندہ کیے گئے ۔ شاہی رہائش گاہ میں 3 باورچی خانے، 3 ڈرائینگ روم، ایک سوئمنگ پول ، ایک مچھلی فارم ، ایک چھوٹا سا چڑیا گھر اور ایک جھیل شامل ہے۔ اس علاقے میں میاں شریف نے جو زمین خریدی اس کو قومی خزانے سے پیسے خرچ کر کے جدید سہولیات سے آراستہ کیا گیا۔

اس رہائش گاہ میں تقریباً 1500 ملازمین کام کرتے ہیں جنکی مجموعی ماہانہ تنخواہ کروڑوں روپے بنتی ہے۔

وزیراعطم نواز شریف جب دوسری بار وزیرآعظم بنے تب انہوں نے رائیونڈ محل کی تعمیر و آرائش پر خصوصی توجہ دی۔ تعمیرات کا یہ کام فرنٹیئر ورکس آرگنائیزیشن کو سونپا اور ہنگامی بنیادوں پر اس کام کی تکمیل کے احکامات جاری کیے گئے۔

نواز شریف نے دوسری بار اقتدار حاصل کرنے کے فوراً بعد رائے ونڈ کی رہائش گاہ کو وزیر اعظم کیمپ آفس کا درجہ دیدیا اور یوں وفاقی ادارہ پی ڈبلیو ڈی کو اس رہائش گاہ کے تمام اخراجات اور ترقیاتی پروجیکٹس کے اخراجات ادا کرنے کا پابند قرار دے دیا گیا ۔ وزیر اعظم کیمپ آفس کے علاوہ پی و ڈی کو پابند کیا گیا کہ وہ اس سے ملحقہ وزیر اعظم اور انکے عزیز و اقارب کی رہائش گاہوں پر بھی وسیع پیمانے پر ضروری اخراجات ادا کرے گا۔
اس حوالے سے برطانیہ کے اخبار سنڈے ٹائمز میں ایک مضمون شائع ہوا جس میں لکھا گیا تھا کہ رائے ونڈ میں ہزاروں ایکڑ رقبے پر پھیلی ہوئی نواز شریف کی جائداد ایک ایسے شخص کی جانب سے اپنی دولت کی بے جا نمود و نمائش ہے جو غریبوں کی زندگی بدل دینے کے مینڈیٹ کے ساتھ فروری 97 میں برسر اقتدار آیا تھا شریف خاندان نے رائے ونڈ کی زمین 13کروڑ روپے میں خریدی تھی۔

اس سے قبل 26 جولائی1992ء کو اسلام آباد سے ایک شاہی فرمان جاری ہوا۔ یہ فرمان کمشنر لاہور ڈیویژن کے نام تھا ۔ وزیر اعظم سیکرٹریٹ نے اس فرمان کے ساتھ کمشنر لاہورکو سرکاری خزانے سے 5 کروڑ روپے جاری کیے تاکہ وہ شریف خاندان کی رائونڈ میں واقع اس عالیشان رھائش گاہ کو لاہور سے جوڑنے والی سڑک کی حالت کو بہتر بنائیں ۔ فوری بعد ایک اور حکم نامہ جاری ہوا اور ساتھ ہی مزید رقم بھی جاری کردی گئی ۔ اس بار کمشنر لاہور کے لیے حکم یہ تھا کہ وہ ایک اور سڑک تیار کروائیں جو اتفاق کمپلیکس اور اتفاق فارم کے درمیان سے گزرے اور اس پروجیکٹ کے لیے 14کروڑ 90 لاکھ روپے اضافی ادا کیے گئے۔

بہت شروع کے اقدام کے طور پر پی ڈیلیو ڈی کی طرف سے رہائش گاہوں اور وزیراعظم کیمپ آفس کی تزئین و آرائش کے لیے 8 کروڑ روپے کی سمری وزیر اعظم ہاؤس کو بھیجی گئی جو چند لمحوں میں منظور ہو کر وزارتِ خزانہ کے پاس پہنچ گئی اور اگلے چوبیس گھنٹوں میں اس شاہی رہائش گاہ پر ترقیاتی کام شروع ہو چکا تھا یہ ایک طرح سے وزیر اعظم ہاؤس کی طرف سے کھلی جارحیت تھی کیونکہ ریاستی قوانین کے مطابق کسی کیمپ آفس پر مستقل نوعیت کی کوئی تعمیرات نہیں کی جاسکتی ہیں لیکن ان تمام قوانین اور ضابطوں کو روند دیا گیا ۔

بعد ازاں ایک شاہی فرمان کے ذریعے سوئی ناردرن گیس کو شریف فارم سے احکامات موصول ہوئے ۔ پہلا حکم نامہ یہ تھا کہ مذکورہ محکمہ فوری طور پر مرکزی گیس پائپ لائین کو شریف فارم سے منسلک کردے اور اس کام میں کسی نوعیت کی تاخیر نہیں ہونی چاہیے اس موقع پر خصوصی طور پر اہتمام کیا گیا کہ گیس کی سپلائی کے ساتھ کسی دوسرے کو کنکشن نہ دیا جائے۔ مقامی لوگوں نے اس سہولت سے فائدہ اٹھانے کی کوشش کی لیکن ان کی درخواستوں کو واپس کردیا گیا ایک محتاط اندازے کے مطابق گیس پائپ لائین کی اس تنصیب پر قومی خزانے سے 7 کروڑ روپے (جو کہ آجکل کے 70کروڑ روپوں کے برا برہیں ) خرچ کئے گئے۔

وفاقی محکموں سے بھاری رقوم وصول کرنے کے بعد دوسرا مرحلہ پنجاب حکومت کی طرف سے شروع ہوا وزیر اعظم کے بھائی اور وزیر اعلیٰ پنجاب میاں شہباز شریف نے ضلع کونسل لاہور کو ایک حکم جاری کیا جس میں کہا گیا تھا کہ ضلع کونسل فوری طور پر 20 فٹ کارپٹڈ سڑک تیار کرائے جو شریف فارم کے درمیان سے گزرے ۔ فوری طور پر بھاری اخراجات کے بعد وزیر اعلیٰ کے حکم کی تعمیل کرتے ہوئے ضلع کونسل نے ایک شاندار سڑک تعمیر کرادی۔ اس کے بعد ایک اور حکم نامہ جاری ہوا جس کے مطابق ضلع کونسل لاہور نے اڈہ پلاٹ رائے ونڈ سے شریف فارم تک نہر کے دونوں کناروں پر سڑک کو شریف فارم تک پہنچا دیا ۔رائے ونڈ فارم پر قومی خزانے کے بے تحاشا اصراف سے صرف فارم کے لئے ترقیاتی کام تو جاری رہا لیکن قریبی دیہات کو یکسر نظر انداز کردیا گیا صرف شریف فارم کو مختلف بڑی سڑکوں سے جوڑنے کے لیے جو سڑکیں بنائی گئیں اس پر 32 کروڑ روپے خرچ ہوئے لیکن ساتھ ملحقہ دیہات میں اینٹوں سے بنی ہوئی سڑکیں بھی نہ تھیں اورغریب کسان کچے راستوں سے اپنی زرعی مصنوعات منڈی تک پہنچانے پر مجبور تھے ۔ انہیں شریف فارم کو آنے والی گیس کی مین پائپ لائین سے بھی کنکشن نہ دئے گئے اور نہ بجلی کے کنکشن دیئے گئے۔

شریف فارم کے ساتھ ہزاروں ایکڑ پر جوبلی ٹاؤن نامی اسکیم کا اعلان کیا گیا ۔ حالانکہ حکومتِ پنجاب کی اعلان کردہ جوہر ٹاؤن اسکیم اور سبزہ زار اسکیم ابھی تک مکمل نہیں ہو سکی تھیں ‘ لیکن جوبلی ٹاؤن کا منصوبہ صرف اس لئے بنایا گیا کہ شریف خاندان نے جو زمین بہت کم نرخوں پر خرید کر سرکاری خزانے سے ترقیاتی کام کروا کر قیمتی زمین میں تبدیل کرلی تھی اس کو جوبلی ٹاؤن میں شامل کرکے اربوں روپے کمائے جائیں۔

اس عظیم الشان منصوبے کے لیے مجموعی طور پر 80 دیہات کا پانی بند کردیا گیا۔ میاں شریف کے حکم پر بچہ کہنہ نہر کا وہ حصہ جو شریف فارم سے گزرتا ہے اس کو پختہ کیا گیا نہر کے دونوں کناروں کو بڑی خوبصورتی اور مہارت کے ساتھ پختہ کیا اور ایک محتاط اندازے کے مطابق اس کام پر قومی خزانے سے80 ملین روپے خرچ ہوئے دوسرا محکمہ انہار کے مقامی عملے کے لئے تھا جنہیں وزیر اعلیٰ نے سختی کے ساتھ کہہ دیا کہ اب اس خوبصورت اوتر پختہ نہر سے مقامی زمین دار پانی حاصل نہیں کر سکیں گے ۔ کسانوں کو پانی لینے سے روک دیا گیا۔

جس کے باعث ان کی تیار فصلیں سوکھ گئیں اور ان کے مویشی پانی کو ترس گئے ۔ مقامی کسانوں نے اس ظلم کے خلاف جب احتجاج کرنا چاہا تو ان پر چڑھائی کے لئے پنجاب پولیس کے جوانوں کو حکم دیا گیا جنہوں نے غریب نہتے کسانوں کی خوب مرمت کی۔ واضح رہے کہ اس شاہی حکم نامے سے پہلے 80 مقامی دیہات کو اس نہر سے پانی حاصل ہوتا تھا اور اس سے لاکھوں ایکڑ اراضی سیراب ہوتی تھی۔

اقتباس کتاب شریف خاندان نے پاکستان کس طرح لوٹا ؟ ۔۔۔ مصنف سید عبید مجتبی

( بشکریہ: جناب فاروق جبّار صاحب )

نواز شریف خاندان کی بدعنوانیوں کی مزید داستان اس بلاگ میں پڑھئیے :

Did Musharraf Engage in Financial Corruption? 

By Riaz Haq (Thanks to Kim Khan for sharing).

A story alleging corruption by former President Pervez Musharraf has appeared recently in Pakistan’s Jang Media Group publications in the aftermath of the Panama Leaks that revealed the names of 220 rich and powerful Pakistanis owning offshore accounts.Peninsula Speaker series

The Panama Papers show that Mir Shakeel ur Rehman, the owner of Jang Media Group, owns offshore accounts, as do the family of the current Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif and former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated in 2007. Other Pakistanis named in the Panama Papers include prominent businessmen, politicians, judges, bureaucrats, etc. allegedly involved in corruption. The names of former President Pervez Musharraf or his family members are not among the 220 names from Pakistan.

The Jang Media Group story titled “How Mr clean Musharraf became a billionaire” lists accounts held by Mr. Musharraf in Dubai and London with balances adding up to millions of US dollars. Farrukh Durrani, the story writer, demands that the commission of inquiry looking into Panama Papers also investigate the sources of Mr. Musharraf’s wealth. Here’s an excerpt of the story:

“Despite having such huge chunk of amount in his offshore accounts, neither did any investigative agency nor did the accountability bureau question him how he got billions of rupees in his foreign accounts. However the commission of inquiry appointed by prime minister in the wake of Panama Leaks has a broader scope and powers which can question ex-dictator Pervez Musharraf from where he got billions of rupees which are kept in his offshore accounts.”

Knowing what I know about how western leaders like former US President Clinton and his wife Hillary became wealthy after leaving office, let me suggest to Mr. Durrani to do his homework as follows:

  1. Learn about the lucrative speaker series business which brings hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech to celebrity speakers in the West, particularly the United States. This is a well-established, well-organized business that promotes lecture series featuring prominent speakers where attendees pay hundreds of dollars per person to attend in large numbers.
  1. Do research into how many such lectures President Musharraf delivered after retiring from presidency in 2008? How much did he get paid for each? What does it all add up to? Does it add up to more than the reported account balances in Dubai and London?

Let me give a few pointers to Mr. Durrani if he’s honestly trying to understand the sources of Mr. Musharraf’s wealth:

  1. A Newsweek story quoted David Wheeler, the President Embark LLC, just one of the international public-relations firms trying to land Musharraf as a highly paid keynote speaker, as saying, “The [speaking] fee for Musharraf would be in the $150,000-200,000 range for a day.”
  2. The Newsweek story further added that “Public-relations executives say the articulate and brash 44-year army veteran’s earning power could approach that of former U.S. President Bill Clinton”.
  3. Here’s how an Oregon newspaper “The Oregonian” reported about Musharraf’s planned appearance in Portland in 2010: “The folks who attract big international names to Portland each year have done it again, landing Pervez‪#‎Musharraf, Pakistan’s former president, to speak here in March. The World Affairs Council of Oregon’s 2010 speaker series will also feature Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz; Jane Lubchenco, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration chief administrator; and — in a face-off –Howard Dean, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Karl Rove, strategist for President George W. Bush.”
  4. A brochure announcing the Peninsula Speaker Series in the San Francisco Bay Area that included Musharraf as a featured speaker, along with Condeleeza Rice, Laura Tyson and Paul Krugman, showed the ticket prices ranging from $294 to $403 per person.


After Mr. Durrani has had a chance to do his homework, I believe he will realize, if he’s honest, that he is being used by his employer to deflect attention of the world and of any investigative commission members from the sins of Mir Shakeel ur Rahman and his rich and powerful friends in high places, including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family, who have either stolen Pakistan peoples’ money and/or cheated on taxes they owe to the Pakistani treasury. Any investigative commission must not allow itself to be used to pursue vendettas to obscure the truth.


What is stored in future for us!

Request to all the friends. Please find spare time to read this.

Pass it on to others even if you do not agree to it:

The New World Order | By Jorge Adrian:

NWO Image size 4799x2701

See the image in full size for better readability.

The image size is 4799 x 2701 pixel.

In 1992, Dr John Coleman published Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300. With laudable scholarship and meticulous research, Dr Coleman identifies the players and carefully details the New World Order agenda of worldwide domination and control. On page 161 of the Conspirators Hierarchy, Dr Coleman accurately summarizes the intent and purpose of the Committee of 300 as follows:

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” (February 17, 1950, US Senate).

“A One World Government and one-unit monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population.

There will be no middle class, only rulers and the servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist. The system will be on the basis of a welfare state; those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simply be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited.”

Who is the NWO?

The corporate portion of the NWO is dominated by international bankers, oil barons and pharmaceutical cartels, as well as other major multinational corporations. The Royal Family of England, namely Queen Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor, (who are, in fact, descendants of the German arm of European Royalty – the Saxe-Coburg-Gothafamily – changed the name to Windsor in 1914), are high level players in the oligarchy which controls the upper strata of the NWO. The decision making nerve centers of this effort are in London (especially the City of London), Basel Switzerland, and Brussels (NATO headquarters).

The United Nations, along with all the agencies working under the UN umbrella, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), are full time players in this scheme. Similarly, NATO is a military tool of the NWO.

The leaders of all major industrial countries like the United States, England, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, etc. (members of the “G7/G8” ) are active and fully cooperative participants in this conspiracy. In this century, the degree of control exerted by the NWO has advanced to the point that only certain hand-picked individuals, who are groomed and selected are even eligible to become the prime minister or president of countries like England, Germany, or The United States. It didn’t matter whether Bill Clinton or Bob Dole won the Presidency in 1996, the results would have been the same. Both men are playing on the same team for the same ball club. Anyone who isn’t a team player is taken out: i.e. President Kennedy, Ali Bhutto (Pakistan) and Aldo Moro (Italy). More recently, Admiral Borda and William Colby were also killed because they were either unwilling to go along with the conspiracy to destroy America, weren’t cooperating in some capacity, or were attempting to expose/ thwart the takeover agenda.

The NWO’s Role in Shaping History

Most of the major wars, political upheavals, and economic depression/recessions of the past 100 years (and earlier) were carefully planned and instigated by the machinations of these elites.

They include The Spanish-American War (1898), World War I and World War II; The Great Depression; the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917; the Rise of Nazi Germany; the Korean War; the Vietnam War; the 1989-91 “fall” of Soviet Communism; the 1991 Gulf War; the War in Kosovo; and the two Iraq wars. Even the French Revolution was orchestrated into existence by elements of the NWO.

The instigation of a trumped-up war as a cover for amassing fortunes which can be dated back to at least the 12th Century when only a core group of nine members of the Knights Templar, kicked off the The Crusades that lasted for over a century and a half.

The core group mentioned above have been reported as being the military arm of a secret society known as the Priory of Sion, but this has been proven to be a hoax.

In 1307, the king of France, Philippe the Fair, coveted the wealth and was jealous of the Templars’ power. The French king set out to arrest all the Templars in France on October 13. While many Templars were seized and tortured, including their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, many other Templars (who had been tipped off) escaped. They eventually resurfaced in Portugal, in Malta (as the Knights of Malta) and later in Scotland as The Scottish Rites of Freemasonry, with Albert Pike playing a key role in defining a plan for establishing a world government.

The acquisition and consolidation of ever greater wealth, natural resources, total political power, and control over others are the motivating forces which drive the decisions of the NWO leaders. The toll in human suffering and the loss of innocent lives are non issues for these individuals.

Their intention is to effect complete and total controlover every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world’s population by two thirds. While the name New World Order is the term most frequently used today to loosely refer to anyone involved in this conspiracy, the study of exactly who makes up this group is a complex and intricate one.

Why the Conspiracy is Unknown

The sheer magnitude and complex web of deceit surrounding the individuals and organizations involved in this conspiracy is mind boggling, even for the most astute among us. Most people react with disbelief and skepticism towards the topic, unaware that they have been conditioned (brainwashed) to react with skepticism by institutional and media influences. Author and de-programmer Fritz Springmeier (The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines) says that most people have built in “slides” that short circuit the mind’s critical examination process when it comes to certain sensitive topics.

“Slides”, Springmeier reports, is a CIA term for a conditioned type of response which dead ends a person’s thinking and terminates debate or examination of the topic at hand. For example, the mention of the word “conspiracy” often solicits a slide response with many people.

What most people believe to be “Public Opinion” is in reality carefully crafted and scripted propaganda designed to elicit a desired behavioral response from the public. Public opinion polls are really taken with the intent of gauging the public’s acceptance of the New World Order’s planned programs. A strong showing in the polls tells them that the programming is “taking”, while a poor showing tells the NWO manipulators that they have to recast or “tweak” the programming until the desired response is achieved.

The NWO Modus Operandi

The NWO global conspirators manifest their agenda through the skilful manipulation of human emotions, especially fear. In the past centuries, they have repeatedly utilized a contrivance that NWO researcher and author David Icke has characterized in his latest book, The Biggest Secret, as Problem, Reaction, and Solution.

The technique is as follows: NWO strategists create the Problem – by funding , assembling, and training an “opposition” group to stimulate turmoil in an established political power (sovereign country, region, continent, etc.) that they wish to impinge upon and thus create opposing factions in a conflict that the NWO themselves maneuvered into existence. In recent decades, so called opposition groups are usually identified in the media as ‘freedom fighters’ or ‘liberators’.

At the same time, the leader of the established political power where the conflict is being orchestrated is demonized and, on cue, referred to as ‘another Hitler’ (take your pick: Saddam Hussein, Milosevic, Qadaffi, etc.). The ‘freedom fighters’ are not infrequently assembled from a local criminal element (i.e. KLA, drug traffickers). In the spirit of true Machiavellian deceit, the same NWO strategists are equally involved in covertly arming and advising the leader of the established power as well (the NWO always profits from any armed conflict by loaning money, arming, and supplying all parties involved in a war).

The conflict is drawn to the world stage by the controlled media outlets with a barrage of photos and video tape reports of horrific and bloody atrocities suffered by innocent civilians. The cry goes up “Something has to be done!” And that is the desired Reaction.

The NWO puppeteers then provide the Solution by sending in UN ‘Peace Keepers’ (Bosnia) or a UN ‘Coalition Force’ (Gulf War) or NATO Bombers and then ground troops (Kosovo), or the military to ‘search for Weapons of Mass Destruction’, which of course are never found. Once installed, the ‘peace keepers’ never leave. The idea is to have NWO controlled ground troops in all major countries or strategic areas where significant resistance to the New World Order takeover is likely to be encountered.

Why India is headed for a French Revolution

A French Revolution in India |

Justice Markandey Katju | Thursday, August 06, 2015


I do not want to sound alarmist, but it looks to me that some kind of French Revolution is inevitably coming about in India. Consider the facts.

All our state institutions have become hollow and empty shells, and the constitution seems to have exhausted itself.

The last two weeks have shown that we have a parliament that hardly functions, with its members shouting and screaming, often all at the same time, and hardly any meaningful debate is held or business transacted there. When the UPA was in power, BJP members were disrupting the functioning of the House, and when the NDA is in power, the Congress and others are doing the same. It seems the same thing will be repeated in the winter session of parliament, then in the budget session, and so on ad infinitum.

Moreover, a large number of our MPs have criminal antecedents. We have politicians who are mostly incorrigible rogues and rascals with no genuine love for India, but who have looted the country, taking much of the country’s wealth to secret foreign banks and havens, and who know how to manipulate caste and communal vote banks, often by inciting caste or religious riots. Our bureaucracy has largely become corrupt, and so has a section of the judiciary, which takes an inordinate time to decide cases.

Our democracy has been hijacked by the feudals, and now elections in most places are held on the basis of caste and religious vote banks, and no one bothers about the merit of the candidate.

There is massive poverty in India, massive unemployment (see my blog ‘Unemployment in India’ on ), massive malnourishment (see my blog ‘Malnourishment in India’), etc. It is estimated that ten million youth are entering the job market every year, but only half a million jobs are created in the organised sector of the economy. So what do the remaining youth do? They become hawkers, street vendors, stringers, bouncers, criminals, prostitutes or beggars.

Healthcare is almost nonexistent for our masses (see my blog ‘Healthcare in India’). There are no doubt some very good hospitals and clinics in India, but they are exorbitantly expensive. So what does a poor man do when he or his family member has some ailment? He goes to a quack. Quackery has increased by leaps and bounds in many parts of India.

Half of our children are malnourished. A Unicef report says that one out of three malnourished children in the world are Indian. There are numerous farmer suicides in many parts of India – eg Vidarbha, Gujarat, etc. There is covert and overt discrimination against minorities, dalits and women. ‘Honour killings’, ‘dowry deaths’, female foeticide, etc are common in many areas.

Astrology and other superstitious practices are rampant, even among many so-called ‘educated people’. Fake ‘godmen’ and babas are befooling a gullible people.

In most western countries there is very little air or water pollution. This is because there are very stringent rules against it, and violation of these rules entails heavy penalties. There you can safely drink the water from the taps in the house. It is as clean as mineral water.

In India, on the other hand, almost everything is polluted. There are no doubt anti-pollution laws – for instance, the Environment Protection Act, Air Pollution Act, Water Pollution Act, Food Safety and Standards Act, etc. But no one complies with these laws (for example, the lead found in Maggi, and this is really only the tip of the iceberg).

If you have an industry discharging toxic effluents into rivers, instead of setting up an effluent treatment plant, which is very capital expensive, you just give a few thousand rupees every month to the pollution inspector and he will turn a blind eye. For you this is very cost effective. Damn the public.

When I went to Varanasi a couple of years back, I was told by the late Veer Bhadra Mishra, the bade mahant of Sankat Mochan temple (who was a professor of Engineering at BHU and whose son, also a professor of Engineering, is now the mahant) that there are 30 canals discharging sewage into the Ganga, in the city.

I was told by a friend in Allahabad (my home town) that the Sangam area, where pilgrims coming from all over India bathe, is highly polluted.

Most cities in India are becoming hellish and practically unliveable. There is congestion and traffic jams regularly. Building laws are openly flouted. Even in ‘posh’ areas in Delhi like Defence Colony, South Extension, Greater Kailash, etc, cars are parked all day on the roads – thus turning these places into garages. The situation is the same for cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Lucknow, where living and travelling on the roads is like going through Dante’s purgatory. Soon it will become like the Inferno.

And our politicians, our ‘rahbars’, are behaving like Neros who are playing the fiddle while Rome burns, or like the Bourbons before the French Revolution (see my blog ‘Wake up Bourbons’ on I am reminded of what happened on April 20, 1653 when Oliver Cromwell entered the British Parliament with his soldiers and said to the members assembled there:

“It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice.

“Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not bartered your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth? Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defiled this sacred place, and turned the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices?

Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

The soldiers then made the MPs get out of the Assembly hall, and locked it up. I wonder whether India’s parliament is heading for the same fate.

A drastic and total change in the system is now required. Tinkering here and there will not do. The constitution has exhausted itself. The whole system in India, including our state institutions, is like a building that is totally dilapidated. Renovation and repairs will achieve nothing. It calls for demolition and fresh construction. We have to create a new, just social order in which everyone, not just a handful, get a decent life (see my blog ‘High Unpredictable Winds and Misfortunes are in the Sky’

But it is not possible to achieve this within the system. The solutions to our country’s problems lie outside the system. Which means – some kind of French Revolution.

The writer is a former judge of the Supreme Court of India.


Kashmir is Pakistan’s Crimea. No compromise!

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See hundreds of photos from Indian held Kashmir:

Kashmir is Pakistan’s Holy Land.

The sooner world realise, the better.

Kashmir is Pakistan’s Crimea. No compromise! 

For Arabs and Iranians, the issue of Kashmir holds a very little significance. The main reason of ignorance in this matter is probably lack of information into this matter.

The cause of Kashmir hasn’t been romanticised as Palestine liberation cause. This would be the reason of activists turning a blind eye towards one of the important human rights issue.

The West and Muslim world lack seeing what next Kashmir war would brings. After nuclear exchange over Kashmir, sky would be filled with mushroom clouds.

Pakistan was born when Islam was born in Arabian Peninsula. When Islam expands, South and Central Asia came under the fold of Islam. Pakistani Arab-Turkic ancestors than ruled this region for a thousand years to come. After disintegration of Islamic empire and British democracy was enforced. Pakistan fought for its independence.

In the war of Pakistan independence British backed radical Hindu extremists who killed their controversial leader Gandhi and invaded Kashmir region. Pakistan sends it’s forces and liberated half of the region. Hindu India ran to United Nation. UN assured Pakistan, that a referendum would be hold that would allow people of Indian occupied Kashmir to chose their future.

Several decades passed and NO referendum was ever hold. All the assurance given to Pakistan was a lie.

Today the valley is occupied by more than 700,000 soldiers of Indian army. Women are raped, men are killed, kids are tortured.

In this scenario, what the world expect from Pakistan. Your ignorance of the matter won’t crush our resolve, which is liberation of Kashmir.

Iran, Egypt, Israel and UAE governments ignorance won’t crush our resolve. These governments relations with this genocidal Hindu states grows stronger and bypassing genocide in Kashmir by fascist Hindu state.

Russia learned it’s lesson when it was disintegrated. Europe & America need awakening. As far as Muslim world is concerned, you must show a dignified resolve and stood with Pakistan.

The annexation of Crimea was an issue of post Soviet Russia survival. With an orchestrated regime change in Ukraine, America seeks to deploy it’s anti nuclear ballistic missile shield to contain Russia and taking control of Russia naval base in Crimea, from where Russia rule the black sea. This posed existential threat to Russia. Russia move-in hold referendum and secure its naval base thus America aggressive design was drowned in to the black sea.

Russian patriots then called Crimea their Holy Land. With occupation of Kashmir, India seeks to cut off Pakistan water supply. Pakistan water came from Kashmir rivers. India also plans to cut off Pakistan land route to China by occupying Pakistani territory closed to Indian occupied Kashmir.

India has waged proxy wars against Pakistan. From Afghanistan it has conducted terrorists attacks inside Pakistan. Today Pakistan stands at the cross road of history. The Hindu radical government is beating war drums against the Islamic Republic.

Our survival is at stake. Our history is at stake.

And when it comes to our survival, we’re ready to fought the great war. Even if no Muslim nation or West stands with us.

Pakistan has penetrated deep inside India. In its military, political government and nuclear installations. Pakistan defense forces can crippled India from inside. Pakistan has the capability to destroy India from within. What if Indian warplanes bomb it’s own nation with nuclear bombs? Pakistan orchestrated destruction of Soviet Union, destruction of a filthiest nation on earth is not a big deal for Pakistan.

India if not voluntary withdraw it’s forces from Kashmir now. Then we won’t allow them to withdraw. All of them will be slaughtered to cleanse the valley from filth.

To our friends and rivals chose your side of the battle before its too late.

See hundreds of photos from Indian held Kashmir:

India goes vivacious in Balochistan

India goes vivacious in Balochistan


  •  RAW running multiple operations in Balochistan with help of Afghan, Israeli agencies. 
  • RAW, Mossad running operation through local pawns with ultimate aim at Pak nuke installations.
  • Prominent Pakistani militants comfortably visit across Afghanistan to meet RAW bosses.
  • Pak authorities having undeniable evidences of Indian involvement in Balochistan.
  • Most-wanted terrorists hold frequent meetings with RAW bosses in New Delhi.
  • Canadian nationals too being used by RAW to operate against Pakistan and fund militants.
  • Riaz Bugti of BLA and Tarek Fateh of Canada among top frequent guests of RAW.
  • Terror camps under Command of India’s sham Consulates exporting terror from Kabul, Nimroz and Kandahar.

QUETTA – Pakistan is undergoing the most critical phase of its history since its inception and is battling the menace of terrorism with utmost vigour. The peaceful holding of General Elections in May this year testified the resilience and resolve of 180 million people not to succumb to the demands of handful extremists who, at the behest of RAW and other hostile powers, intend to impose their own version of ideologies by making people hostage to their ruthless agenda. Pakistan is also wary of India’sincreasing role in Afghanistan under the garb of reconstruction and rehabilitation projects and usage of its soil for fuelling militancy in FATA and Balochistan which, it considers as a grave threat to the national security and solidarity.

One is extremely alarmed by opening up of a number of unjustified Diplomatic Missions by India across Afghanistan. India has also opened Consulates in Heart, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad, and Kandahar, and the global media reports and international spy agencies have proved at number of occasions that these ‘Indian Missions are actually providing cover to Indian intelligence operatives to carry out covert operations against Pakistan, as well as exacerbate separatism in Balochistan province.

Under the prevalent environs, Balochistan issue is developing into the most traumatized issue of the country. Complexity is aggravating with each passing day owing to convergence of interests of regional & global stake holders. Terrorist activities across country including suicide bombings, target killings and sectarian violence have drastically amplified in recent years due to the irrefutable involvement of foreign intelligence agencies especially India’s RAW. The deep rooted involvement of RAW and other hostile intelligence agencies in Balochistan province is obviously due to overabundance of natural resources embedded in the region. According to an estimate Pakistan has 25.1 trillion cubic feet of confirmed Gas reserves out of which nineteen trillion are to be found in Balochistan.

Research indicates that RAW in collaboration with Afghan intelligence agency NOS is actively providing covert financial and weapon support to Baloch militant groups such as the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Army (BRA), Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) etc for conducting terrorist activities in Balochistan. The outfits are treading the separatist’s agenda and are responsible for causing mayhem in the province. Irrefutable evidences suggest that Baloch militants are being harboured at various places and training camps located at Kabul, Nimroz and Kandahar in Afghanistan by RAW in collaboration with Afghan intelligence agency NOS since 2006.

RAW is also providing sustained financing and monetary support to Baloch feudal & militants both in Afghanistan and Balochistan. Besides, RAW, with the complete support and patronage of Afghan authorities, is also involved in provision of Arms &ammunitions to Baloch militants for conducting terrorist activities inside Pakistan.

Highly credible sources, privy to confined circles also point out about the evidences held by them regarding RAW’s involvement in provision of fake identity and travel documents to Baloch militants for moving out of Afghanistan to India, UAE and Western countries. It is arranging visits of Baloch sub nationalists and militants to India for training purposes. In this regard RAW arranged visit of Riaz Gull Bugti (leading militant commander of Brahamdagh Bugti) to India in September 2009, where he was briefed and trained by RAW for terrorist activities. In order to overcome the linguistic problems in future, RAW is also involved in arranging Balochi language courses in India for Afghan Intelligence operatives through Balochi instructors, so that their expertise could be utilized for creating further unrest in the ,province through terrorist activities.

Research reveals that RAW, in collaboration with prominent Baloch sub nationalists round the globe is also persistently utilizing various international forums, NGOs and think tank organizations, such as United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) regular sessions etc for maligning Pakistan through arranging stage managed events such as pre-planned anti- Pakistan interventions, media briefings, protests & demonstrations etc.

“Their convergence, facilitation (lodgment, travel expenses etc) and subsequent media (including vibes) propagation is managed and funded by RAW and other hostile Intelligence Agencies through their operatives.

Investigations indicate that Tarek Fateh, a Canada based political activist and sympathizer of Baloch sub nationalists, after spitting his venom against Pakistan during UNHRC 22nd session at Geneva in February 2013, visited India on RAW’s sponsorship for getting commendation and future directions. He also held one-on-one meetings with RAW’s ex senior officers VikramSood & A S Daulat, which amply highlights the evil nexus.

Investigations indicate that Pakistani security agencies have the undeniable evidences of RAW’s involvement in Karachi terrorist activities where some terrorists, after conducting the heinous crimes, went to RAW offices along Afghan border to show them the videos, collect money and get directions for further operations. Evidence of provision of millions of Dollars to these militants by RAW are held by Pakistani Intelligence agencies while some security agencies of certain friendly countries are also in possession of similar evidence.

Internationa media investigations indicate that close relatives and friends of Hakim Ullah Mehsod and Moulana Fazlullah frequently visit Afghanistan for meeting RAW officers under diplomatic cover at Indian Embassy, Consulates and collect millions of Dollars to conduct terrorist acts back in Pakistan.

These investigations reveal that the Swat’s militants are being facilitated through camps in area of Kunar and Nuristan. They are given training and weapons to conduct organized militant actions againstPakistan’s regular and civil Armed Forces in FATA areas. Molana Fazlullah and his commanders openly travel across Afghanistan and visit Indian Embassy, Consulates, RAW and NOS offices, as if Afghanistan is their home town.

Media investigations reveal further that India’s RAW and Israel’s Mossad are running joint operation against Pakistan’s nuclear assets and thus both are contributing full share in providing funds and direction to militants for conducting terrorist activities, targeted at locating and destroying Pakistan’s nuclear installations.

Exploitation of social vibes i.e. internet, Face book, Twitter, Blogs etc are also on RAW’s top agenda, as it is actively involved in unleashing massive propaganda and disinformation campaign on Balochistan issue vis-a-vis maligning Pakistan through this medium with fake identities. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that around 4 dozen fake blogs and websites as well hundreds of fake Face book and Twitter IDs are being run by RAW to supports its operations against Pakistan in the cyber world.