Kashmir is Pakistan’s Crimea. No compromise!

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See hundreds of photos from Indian held Kashmir:  http://bit.ly/1PvSnc

Kashmir is Pakistan’s Holy Land.

The sooner world realise, the better.

Kashmir is Pakistan’s Crimea. No compromise! 

For Arabs and Iranians, the issue of Kashmir holds a very little significance. The main reason of ignorance in this matter is probably lack of information into this matter.

The cause of Kashmir hasn’t been romanticised as Palestine liberation cause. This would be the reason of activists turning a blind eye towards one of the important human rights issue.

The West and Muslim world lack seeing what next Kashmir war would brings. After nuclear exchange over Kashmir, sky would be filled with mushroom clouds.

Pakistan was born when Islam was born in Arabian Peninsula. When Islam expands, South and Central Asia came under the fold of Islam. Pakistani Arab-Turkic ancestors than ruled this region for a thousand years to come. After disintegration of Islamic empire and British democracy was enforced. Pakistan fought for its independence.

In the war of Pakistan independence British backed radical Hindu extremists who killed their controversial leader Gandhi and invaded Kashmir region. Pakistan sends it’s forces and liberated half of the region. Hindu India ran to United Nation. UN assured Pakistan, that a referendum would be hold that would allow people of Indian occupied Kashmir to chose their future.

Several decades passed and NO referendum was ever hold. All the assurance given to Pakistan was a lie.

Today the valley is occupied by more than 700,000 soldiers of Indian army. Women are raped, men are killed, kids are tortured.

In this scenario, what the world expect from Pakistan. Your ignorance of the matter won’t crush our resolve, which is liberation of Kashmir.

Iran, Egypt, Israel and UAE governments ignorance won’t crush our resolve. These governments relations with this genocidal Hindu states grows stronger and bypassing genocide in Kashmir by fascist Hindu state.

Russia learned it’s lesson when it was disintegrated. Europe & America need awakening. As far as Muslim world is concerned, you must show a dignified resolve and stood with Pakistan.

The annexation of Crimea was an issue of post Soviet Russia survival. With an orchestrated regime change in Ukraine, America seeks to deploy it’s anti nuclear ballistic missile shield to contain Russia and taking control of Russia naval base in Crimea, from where Russia rule the black sea. This posed existential threat to Russia. Russia move-in hold referendum and secure its naval base thus America aggressive design was drowned in to the black sea.

Russian patriots then called Crimea their Holy Land. With occupation of Kashmir, India seeks to cut off Pakistan water supply. Pakistan water came from Kashmir rivers. India also plans to cut off Pakistan land route to China by occupying Pakistani territory closed to Indian occupied Kashmir.

India has waged proxy wars against Pakistan. From Afghanistan it has conducted terrorists attacks inside Pakistan. Today Pakistan stands at the cross road of history. The Hindu radical government is beating war drums against the Islamic Republic.

Our survival is at stake. Our history is at stake.

And when it comes to our survival, we’re ready to fought the great war. Even if no Muslim nation or West stands with us.

Pakistan has penetrated deep inside India. In its military, political government and nuclear installations. Pakistan defense forces can crippled India from inside. Pakistan has the capability to destroy India from within. What if Indian warplanes bomb it’s own nation with nuclear bombs? Pakistan orchestrated destruction of Soviet Union, destruction of a filthiest nation on earth is not a big deal for Pakistan.

India if not voluntary withdraw it’s forces from Kashmir now. Then we won’t allow them to withdraw. All of them will be slaughtered to cleanse the valley from filth.

To our friends and rivals chose your side of the battle before its too late.

See hundreds of photos from Indian held Kashmir:  http://bit.ly/1PvSnc